BAOMAIN GFCI Outlet,Tamper Resistant&Weather Resistant GFCI Receptacle 20Amp with Combination Switch,ETL Listed,Back &Side Wire,White BAA-002

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GFCI is a high-sensitivity, fast-response leakage protection device, which can quickly cut off the circuit and isolate the fault point when a dangerous ground fault leakage occurs, so as to avoid the occurrence of electrical accidents and ensure personal safety. The working principle of GFCI is that when there is equipment leakage or human body gets an electric shock, part of the current flows into the ground, and when the current flowing through the live wire and the neutral wire is not equal (the normal situation is equal), the GFCI monitors the current difference between the live wire and the neutral wire. Once the difference is greater than 6mA, the power supply can be cut off at the moment of 0.025 seconds, so as to ensure the safety of people and property. Widely used in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, factories and other outdoor venues. Specification:

  • Grounding: Standard Grounding
  • Rated Voltage: 125V
  • Rated Current: 20A
  • Application: Residential/General-Purpose
  • Electrical Characteristics: AC125V/20A
  • Color:White
  • Unloaded plug≥5000Sec Loop detection with automatic monitoring function
  • Housing material flame retardant grades
  • Tripping threshold:5mA Tripping time<25ms
  • Surge current:6000V/3000A 6000V/10KA
  • Electric strength:Pressure resistance1500V 50Hz Duration 1Min
  • Insulation resistance:>50MΩ(DC500V)
  • Short-circuit current:10KA
  • Insert and Draw Frequency>10000 times
  • Temperature,humidity:-35℃ ~ +66℃; 20% ~ 90%
  • Storage Temperature,Humidity: -20℃ ~ +85℃; 10% ~ 95%RH