Baomain Centralized Box Controller 110V/220V AC 16A Hub Controller Indicates 8 Sub-Chamber Concentrator for Water Floor Heating System White

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The Hub Controller Up to 8 zones per master controller. For Under Floor Heating and Wall Hung Radiator manifold systems. The system includes electronic thermal actuators, boilers, pumps and various mixing valves. Each output has a corresponding indicator light, easy to find faults. It's applied to control the gas boiler, circulating pump or electric actuator ON or Off, to achieve comfortable temperature control purposes, reduce energy consumption.

Output Indication


  • Out1-out8:Thermostat output port
  • L:Power cord
  • N:Power neutral
  • OUT:Thermostat output line
  • R1-R8:Electric actuator output port
  • SB:Circulating water pump output port 250VAC,16A
  • G1:Passive output(boiler≦5A)
  • AC: power supply 160-240VAC,50/60Hz

    • Maximum output current:16A;
    • Working Temperature: -20~60℃;
    • Storage Temperature:-20~70℃;
    • Size: 280x110x40mm/11x4.3x1.58''
    • Net Weight: 520g;