Baomain Multi-Function Time Relay, 16A Delay ON SPDT, DIN Rail Mounting Timer Relay TBT7-B1

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    The time relay can be used for Pump delay time after switching heating off, switching of fans.

    • Time Range: 0.1s-10days,ON,OFF
    • Function: Delay ON
    • Power Input:AC max.6VA/1.3W/1.9W;
    • Bueden: AC0.09-3VA/DC0.05-1.7W
    • Size: 94 x 18 x 64 mm / 3.7'' x 0.70'' x 2.52'' (LxWxH);
    • Weight: 70g;
    • Package Includes: 1 x Time Relay, Instruction


      • Function Delay ON
        Supply Terminals A1-A2
        Voltage Range AC/DC12V-240V / AC200-240V, 50-60Hz
        Bueden AC0.09-3VA/DC0.05-1.7W
        Time Range 0.1s-10days,ON,OFF
        Time setting Potentionmeter
        Time deviation 10%-Mechanical setting
        Repeat accuracy <0.2%-Set valve stability

         1 x SPDT,Current Rating: 1 x 16A (AC1)

        Mechanical Life 1x10,000,000 cycles
        Electrical Life (AC1) 1x100,000 cycles
        Protection Degree IP20
        Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 55°C / -4°F ~ 131°F
        Storage Temperature -35°C ~ 75°C / -22°F ~ 167°F
        Installation DIN rail mounting or Screw mounting
        Max.cable (size) Solid wire max.1x2.5 or 2x1.5 / with sleeve max. 1x2.5(AWG12)