Baomain Sealed Limit Switch BM-6002 Parallel Roller Plunger AC 250V 15A IP 65

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Built-in miniature limit switch, strong aluminum cast shell, design for water-proof and oil-proof. It is the same as TM micro switch in the rated value and characteristics.  Various of actuators that are taken convenience for using. Each switch is equipped with cable fixator, including rubber boot, metallic washer, plastic screw nut.
  • M20x1.5 cable gland that can be equipped
  • Type of the head: Parallel Roller Plunger
  • Power of starting: 350
  • Power of release: 115
  • Switching position (mm): 0.5mm
  • Rated current In(А): 15A active load. 5A inductive load
  • Insulation resistance: 100
  • Rated voltage: 230V
  • IP code: IP65
  • Section of the power supply conductor: up to 1.5mmq