Single Phase Three Wire Energy Meter DS238-4-R DIN-rail 110V 220V 60Hz 10 (100) A

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  • Model No. : DDS238-4 20(100)
  • Meter Style: Single Phase Three Wire Energy Meter
  • Single Phase, 3-wire, accuracy class 1.0    
  • 800 pulse per kWh pulse output kWh meter
  • Material :Plastic    
  • Up to 100 amps 110/220-volt 60Hz
  • Mechanical step register readout in hundredths of a kWh, up to 99999.9 kWh
  • Simple DIN-rail mounting,accept 3 AWG insulated wire
  • L1-N =110V, L2-N=110V, L1-L2=220V
  • This meter will not work on a single phase 120v 2-wire system
  • Shipping from warehouse in US for US customer
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Charles A.
United States United States
What does PULSE only Mean

I had 2 of these units installed to measure KW usage for shared radon fans in 4 condo units. The radon fans are 110V. After 3 months, the KW usage has not changed. Showing 0.5, same as initial install for both KW meters. They were installed by a licensed electrician. Only the PULSE light is on, not the POWER light. What does PULSE only mean? According the annual KW usage, the monthly usage rate should be showing approx 40 KW per month. Not sure these are working.