Baomain 4 Ports USB Wall Outlet Receptacles,4.2A Charger Outlet with USB Ports,UL Listed,Wall Plate Included

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While retaining the function of the standard socket, the USB socket adds a USB interface to provide fast charging for various USB charging devices. It has the characteristics of dual-use, fast charging, strong compatibility, safety and reliability, etc. It effectively solves the problems of slow charging of USB charging devices and insufficient sockets, and greatly improves the convenience of use. Specifications:

  • Receptacle Rating: 15Amp/20Amp/125V
  • USB Rating: 4.2A, 5V DC
  • Wire Gauge: #14 - #12 AWG
  • Wiring Type: Back Wire or Side Wire
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 104℉
  • Color: White