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Great for Shore/Battery power switch!

Great switch, good price & worked perfectly for my application. The switching configuration gives many ways to hook this up and achieve a lot of switching combinations. I was using to switch my RV from batteries and solar power, to AC shore power. It's capable of handling the high amperage and can switch all legs (pos. & neg.).

Changeover Switch

Quality at a great price

Switches are nice. Nice the package includes the face plate. Replaced a few "3 Switch" that where older and had 6 screws. This one has a common in and three screws for the switch side. Make sure your box has enough room to make a pigtail with the proper wire nut. In all, good switch(s)!

Triple switch

Solenoid Valve Set 4V210-08

Great purchase, with a great price! As advertised the unit is a complete assembly, saving lots of time for my application. If purchased separately the total cost would be 3 times as much.

Solenoid Valve

Patio Door Security Bar

Fits 28" to 48" Wide Door Works on Double Hung & Sliding Window

Security Bar