Baomain USB Outlet Receptacles,125V 4.8A Charger Outlet with Dual USB Ports,Electrical USB Socket, UL Listed,Wall Plate Included,White

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  • This wall outlet with USB ports reduces cable clutter, and the two USB ports provide 4.2A of total power to charge your devices faster than ever before - no adapters required!
  • The TR socket design ensures the safety of children, and the tamper-resistant dual sockets prevent unwanted items from being inserted into the socket, thereby improving safety
  • Our socket supports side wiring and rear wiring, and all screws have been loosened for easy installation. It fits standard wall boxes, can replace existing outlets, and is compatible with standard wall plates. Can use 12 or 14AWG for wiring.
  • Receptacle Rating: 20Amp/125V
  • USB Rating: 4.8A, 5V DC
  • Wire Gauge: #14 - #12 AWG
  • Wiring Type: Back Wire or Side Wire
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 104℉
  • Color: White