Baomain Duplex Receptacle Outlet,Self-Grounding,125V Standard Electrical Wall Outlet,Residential,UL Listed, Push & Side Wire, White

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With its unique structural standard and two-pole three-wire design, the duplex socket provides an easy-to-use, safe and reliable power interface. It is the most mainstream and widely used socket product in household and commercial power systems. The socket provides a grounding jack and an internal grounding device, which can effectively prevent electric shock accidents. It is a simple, practical, safe and reliable product. Its wide application helps to improve the convenience and safety of electricity use. Specification:

  • Voltage:AC125V
  • Current:15Amp/20Amp
  • Type:Duplex Receptacle Outlet
  • Wiring Type: Quick Push-in Wiring and Side Wiring
  • Color: White