BAOMAIN Self-Test GFCI Combination with A+A type USB in-Wall, 20A 4.8A 5VDC Tamper Resistant(TR) LED Indicator Outlet,White Wall Plate Included BCG-002U

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  • Specification

    • Two Tamper Resistant (TR) GFCI with 2 USB Ports
    • 2-Pole, 3-Wire Auto Self-Test, LED Indicator
    • Input:20Amp 125VAC Only,60Hz
    • USB Rating: Class 2, 5VDC 4.8A total
    • USB Ports:  Type A & A
    • Withstanding Voltage :1.25KV/1min
    • Cable Wire size:AWG# 12-14
    • Operation Temperature :-20~60℃/-4℉~140℉
    • Outlet Size: 104 x 40 x 48 mm / 4.09'' x 1.57'' x 1.89'' (LxWxD)
    • Package Includes:Outlet W/USB,Wall Plate,Screws
    • Certification: ETL Listed

    • The USB ports are used to charge portable electronic devices ONLY, Side Wired for Easy Installation
    • With the High speed USB charger, each port supports a maximum charging current of 2.4A (Total 4.8A).
    • Two Tamper-Resistant (TR) receptacle enhance electrical safety, preventing objects from being inserted into the outlet
    • The Charger will automatically shut down to protect your devices if combined power requirements exceed the power capacity of USB Ports.
    • The intelligent charging chip detects the power demand of connected devices, providing the highest and safest power supply to achieve optimal charging.
    • The Red light GFCI has correct installation,Green light should always be on if the plug is working properly. Flashing red light GFCI has stopped functioning and must be replaced.

    • Airport Louges,Bedrooms,Cafes,coffee Houses,Restaurants,College Dormitories,Home Offices,Hotels, Meeting Rooms,Kitchens,Salons and Spas so on different efficient power access.

    • Please turn off the power before working with wiring.
    • Must be installed in accordance with national and local electrical codes.
    • When use this GFCI with copper or copper-clad wire, not Aluminum wire.
    • For installation in damp or wet locations, you must be used GFCI marked as Weather Resistant(WR).
    • Don't install the GFCI on a circuit that powers life support equipment beacuse of GFCI trips it will shut down the equipment