BAOMAIN GFCI Outlet 15 Amp 120 Volt UL&CUL Listed, Self-Test Function with LED Indicator, Weather Resistant&Tamper-Resistant Receptacle,White

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self-test GFCI receptacles are designed to protect against shocks to the electrical system. If there is a ground fault or any problem with the outlet, GFCI will trip and stop the current to prevent injury. Provides a simple, classic option for wiring devices, home automation controls and to coordinate with any decor. Made of heavy-duty, impact-resistant thermoplastic for durability and safety. Tamper-resistant shutters keep children from being electrocuted, making your home safer. The shutter mechanism inside the receptacle prevents contact with the contacts unless a two or three prong plug is inserted. We have repeatedly tested the performance of the GFCI to reassure users that the electric shock and short circuit prevention features function up to par. Specifications:

  • Receptacle Rating: 15A, 120V
  • Product name:GFCI Outlet
  • Wire Gauge: #14 - #12 AWG
  • Application:home/school/market/commercial
  • Material:PC CU
  • Color: White