Baomain Surge Protection Breaker Device Arrester 1P/1P+N/2P+N/3P+N BSD1-C40 Arrester White 1P+N 40KA 420V

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SPD as only one side of terminals, able to prevent from being electric touching, indoor fixedly mounted, limiting voltage.
SPD has built-in disconnector, when SPD is invalid due to overheating or breakdown, the disconnector can automatically separate SPD from the network, meanwhile send an indication signal. The visiable window show white color in normal service, if to be separated from network, it will show red color.
1P+N, 2P+N, 3P+N SPD consist of 1P, 2P, 3P SPD and NPE neutral and earthing protection modules, used in the power supply system of TT, TN-S and so on.

SPD must be set up for each pole - use the LYSCB series Surge protection for short circuit protection after SPD breakdown.

It is mounted in distribution boxes of different floors, computer center, telecommunication room, control room of elevator, CATV room, fire fighting center, distribution box of villa and so on.

  • Voltage(Uc): AC 420V;
  • Maximum Discharge Max Current: 40 KA