Baomain Mini Circuit Breaker NXB-63 D63 AC 400V 63Amp 3 Pole DIN Rail Mounting Work for Motor Protection and Air Compressor

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The mini circuit breaker D type suitable for motor power distribution system and Air Compressor. Mainly used for AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 400V, rated current to 63A circuit overload, short circuit protection role, at the same time can also under normal circumstances do not frequent on-off electrical devices and lighting. It has high breaking capacity and can trip quickly. The product is also used for infrequent on-and-off switching of electric equipment and lighting circuit under the normal condition.

  • Rated Current: 63A; Poles: 3 Pole
  • Rated Voltage: AC400V
  • Rated Circuit Breaking Capacity: 6000A
  • Overall Size (Approx): 78.5 x 75 x 52.5mm/3.1" x 3" x 2" (L*W*T )
  • Rail Mounting: 35mm DIN Rail